On 30 Projects and the term Multipotentialite

You know when you hear or listen to something and it just clicks? That’s what happened to me when I first listened to Emilie Wapnick’s Ted Talk and heard the term “multipotentialite“.

It’s as if a lifetime of self-doubt, worry, and fretting over an inability to love just one thing washed away (ok, well for the most part – self-doubt is a tough one to crack). However, since then I’ve been able to embrace my multitude of interests a little more, my love of multiple types of projects, and a need to keep learning.

Thus the 30 Projects Project was born. What is it exactly, you ask? Well, fret not. I’ve got that covered for you.

The 30 Projects Project is…
It is an outlet to try and learn new things – and along the way find any and all resources out there for learning.

Why 30 projects?
This was partially inspired by Jennifer Dewalt whose blog I discovered while looking up learning to code resources. She taught herself to code by making a website a day. So in realizing I wanted to learn and create new projects – 30 projects gives me a concrete number, a goal to work towards. And, for someone who has trouble focusing and working on, well, just one project its easy to get caught in the idea and design phase without actually creating a finished product. A deadline helps with this.

What kind of projects will 30 Projects focus on?
Anything! For the most part. It will, at least to start, focus on my main points of interest – design and code. However, this is a platform for learning new things – so every now and again something new may pop up. Feel free to send me suggestions if you want to see something new.

So there you have it. If you want to keep up with the project – check out the site herelet’s talk. (Also make sure to check out Emilie’s awesome blog for it here for more goodies).