My work spans a range of design, development, and writing. My focus is on crafting a story through a series of tools.



The World Is Fun The World is Fun is a Seattle-Based nonprofit looking to get people more involved with their community. A charitable social club, TWIF focuses on all things volunteering, enjoying, and doing in the Seattle area.  Cheap and (Free!) Seattle Activities 5 Cheap (but classy!) Dates for 1, 2 or More! The League […]


Email Marketing

The World Is Fun I currently work with a team of people running email marketing program at The World is Fun, a local Seattle-based nonprofit. I help build content, create design, plan scheduling and record statistics. In the three years I’ve volunteered with this organization, we’ve grown from two monthly newsletters to building a newsletter […]


Social Media

Sesame Communications I handle the creation and design of all social media accounts and graphics with our clients that purchase social media packages. Working with a client’s social media coordinator, I get brand all client’s social media accounts to the look and design of their website, as well as collect social media information relevant to […]