The World Is Fun

The World is Fun is a Seattle-Based nonprofit looking to get people more involved with their community. A charitable social club, TWIF focuses on all things volunteering, enjoying, and doing in the Seattle area. 

Cheap and (Free!) Seattle Activities
5 Cheap (but classy!) Dates for 1, 2 or More!

The League of 42
A passion project among friends, The League of 42 is a video game, comic book and general geekery blog. 

Pinny Arcade
Indie Corner: The Road Not Taken
Indie Corner: Device 6
The Lego Movie Review: Everything is Awesome!
Lindsey Stirling and Video Game Music

Northwest Gamer
Northwest Gamer is a video game blog based out of Seattle.

An Epic Omegathon Win: It’s in the Banana Bread
A Quick Jaunt Into Darkness
So long and thanks for all the nerdiness
First Edition of Nerds of the Northwest

Klipsun Magazine
An independent student magazine based out of Western Washington University, Klipsun Magazine features stories, issues, and pieces about the people and lives in the Pacific Northwest

Erasing the Past
Coffee Culture

The Western Front
The Western Front is the official student newspaper of Western Washington University, focusing on news, features, and information important to the students of WWU. 

Navigating Bellingham’s BURRITO BOUNTY (co-written)
Fairhaven grads use cosmic recipe for healthier horticulture (co-written)